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Our Expertise

AIC’s Mission


We are specialist consultants and experts in
Inter-Cultural Mediation.


Our mission is to provide SMIs/SMEs with experienced advice and affordable operational support in the event of disputes, conflicts, or obstructions with overseas businesses.


Whether they are customers, partners, suppliers, agents, or representatives, we serve as your personal ambassador to address your issues and misgivings.


Our primary objective is to restore mutual trust and re-establish communication in order to secure foundations for a pragmatic and lasting resolution.


The goal is to do everything possible for a prompt resumption of operations and prevent your organisation from resorting to costly and crippling legal proceedings.

A Globalised World


We operate in a globalised world of continual commercial exchanges and human interactions with ever-increasing interconnectedness.


The growing interdependence on foreign markets has become inescapable when looking to prosper in a world of escalating competition, whether selling goods and services, obtaining raw materials, accessing manufacturing facilities, or the latest technology.


Unlike large companies, SMIs/SMEs do not have the financial resources to afford mediation services from renowned international consulting firms to settle disputes and conflicts occurring in a foreign context.


Attempting an in-house solution is often arduous, complex, and taxing in terms of time and resources, frequently resulting in an unsatisfactory compromise.

Irrespective of the nature of the dispute with your external counterparts, no progress can be achieved in the absence of consideration for cultural characteristics, subtleties, and nuances.

Good communication: it is not so much about what I am trying to convey, but rather what I wish the other to understand.

About AIC

Our Experience


Our mediators and negotiators benefit from years of worldwide

executive management experience, in diverse businesses and economic sectors.


Their qualifications and expertise are the results of more than 20 years of operational practice and exposure to foreign customs.


Multilingual and, what is more, very competent performing in multi-cultural contexts, they will help you avoid the multiple cultural pitfalls, making sure your message gets across accurately.


At AIC, we are constantly wary of differing expectations as to how talks should be conducted, conditions frequently responsible for irreconcilable differences.

Types of cases:​

  • Conflict resolution, harmonisation in M&A integration processes

  • Cultural alignment between parent company and subsidiary

  • Crisis management

  • Sale/acquisition negotiations

  • Operational coordination between foreign subsidiaries

  • Change management implementation

  • Conciliation in the event of conflicts of interest

  • Inter-Cultural familiarisation programmes

Our Approach


We are here to help as promptly as possible.


Videoconferencing offers a convivial way to make contact. In complete discretion, you are offered an opportunity to safely confide your problem.


Our priorities:

  • neutralise swiftly tensions between the parties involved

  • identify the source of dysfunctions

  • relate and share each other’s concerns

  • agree on the fundamentals

  • reach a common agreement

  • adapt Culture to fit strategy

  • set up a monitoring body

Our Special Emphasis


To take advantage of cultural differences, by identifying complementarities, so as to create Inter-Cultural added value, for a result that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Why choose AIC

You are guaranteed an experienced, reliable, and affordable service.


Our initial aim is to ensure your intermediaries have grasped the nature and the extent of your concerns.


Most international negotiations are conducted in Business-English:
One Language, Many Cultures!


Both sides meet with a fixed mindset, shaped by their own national business culture, and are often lulled into a false sense of security while speaking the same language.


Transacting with foreign companies implies knowing how to adjust the style of negotiation in accordance with cultural idiosyncrasies. At AIC, we are fully conversant with the subtleties and nuances inherent to differing operating practices, and experienced in delivering business strategy alignment.


Peter Drucker consistently reiterated: “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”, underlining that, with all the goodwill in the world, one cannot make strategy happen until intercultural differences have been reconciled.

Are you encountering setbacks or obstructions with your international counterparts?

Are these problems occasional and in need of speedy intervention?

Entrust your case to experienced mediators in total discretion.

We are your personal ambassador.

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