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Adrian Schilling

Adrian grew up in a Franco-German environment. Mastering both cultures since his early childhood, he was always keen to act as an ambassador to bridge differences.

He has worked as a cross-cultural coach in various forms of cooperation, whether in the context of M&As, parent company/subsidiary, or franchisor/franchisee. With a particular interest in business development, he has in addition been involved with management consulting firms, providing financial expertise in cross-border trade.

Adrian is a certified trainer of Getting Things Done (GDT), an attention management and productivity system designed to complete tasks and meet commitments in a stress-free environment.

The youngest member of the team, he brings a fresh and creative perspective, offering original solutions that meet his rigorous standards. Constantly looking to increase productivity and efficiency, organisations very much profit from his natural enthusiasm.

Adrian is fluent in English, French, and German.

Adrian Schilling
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