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Adrian Schilling

Adrian's upbringing in a Franco-German environment instilled a deep understanding of both cultures from an early age. This unique background fostered a strong desire to serve as an ambassador, bridging cultural differences and fostering mutual understanding.

Throughout his career, Adrian has excelled as a cross-cultural coach, working across various types of cooperation, including mergers and acquisitions, parent company/subsidiary relations, and franchisor/franchisee partnerships. With a keen interest in business development, he has also collaborated with management consulting firms, offering financial expertise in the realm of cross-border trade.

As a certified trainer of Getting Things Done (GDT), Adrian is well-versed in attention management and productivity systems designed to streamline tasks and commitments, ultimately creating a stress-free work environment.

As the youngest member of his team, Adrian brings a refreshing and innovative perspective to the table. He consistently delivers original solutions that meet his high standards of excellence. Driven by a desire to enhance productivity and efficiency, organizations greatly benefit from his natural enthusiasm and dedication.

Fluent in English, French, and German, Adrian possesses the linguistic skills necessary to effectively navigate and excel in diverse, multinational settings.

Adrian Schilling
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