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Olivier was born into a multi-cultural family where several languages ​​were constantly spoken; his four grandparents were all of different nationalities: French, Hungarian, German, and Spanish. Very early on, he was confronted with the singularities of diverse cultural environments.

After secondary and university education in England, he left for the United States to join a leading tour operating company in Chicago as Product Development Manager. His assignments took him around the globe, quickly exposing him to a wide range of cultures with differing operating practices.

Returning to Paris after a few years, he joined the shipping division of the French conglomerate "Chargeurs Group" as Director of Transport. Amongst other responsibilities, he was charged with managing operations centres on five continents. With a natural empathy for diverse perspectives, Olivier quickly built rapport and instilled confidence in his international colleagues.

Co-founder and COO of a cruise tour operating company in the 90s, this start-up was later sold to Norwegian Cruise Lines, the world’s third largest operator.

His passion for engaging with people from various cultural backgrounds led him to join a pioneering intercultural mediation consulting firm in 2005. As Senior Consultant, he was in his element defusing discord, resolving conflicts, and managing crises.

His extensive professional experience from around the world, particularly in China & Southeast Asia, has been the foundation for his expertise from which he developed the know-how designed to foster cooperation between opposite cultures. With calm concentration and a natural aptitude for problem-solving, he brings immediate relief so as to pave the way for a speedy resumption of business in times of crisis.

At AIC Consulting, he applies his broad experience in Inter-Cultural communication towards ironing out disputes ; furthermore, clients rely on AIC to prepare the ground in anticipation of M&As, Joint-Ventures and International cooperations, preventing the emergence of potential obstructions and crippling conflicts.

Ultimately, AIC Consulting aims to leverage cultural differences by identifying complementary strengths, creating intercultural added value where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Olivier is the founder of AIC Consulting.

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