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Born in Stuttgart, Pierre is a pure Franco-German product. Passionate about his work as a mediator and business coach, for him, it is more a vocation than a profession.

At the beginning of his career - during the seven years of development of a German subsidiary in France - his most critical responsibility was to act as a mediator, settling the many frictions and misunderstandings between the subsidiary and the parent company. Taking pleasure in his role of "cultural ambassador”, he one day felt the need to give structure to this intuitive know-how.

In 1987, he started a fascinating and pioneering adventure, with his then business partner, by launching the JPB Consulting firm. He developed groundbreaking methods, delivering sustainable solutions to key players in Franco-German partnerships and cooperations.

For over 30 years, the success resulting from his know-how and methodology is well established. Many large companies and organisations call upon his cutting-edge expertise to unlock critical situations. Co-author of several publications on Franco-German management, Pierre is also fluent in English, and most familiar with Anglo-Saxon customs.

His instinctive empathy makes him a good listener, with a natural ability to detect unexpressed clients’ needs. His faith in life and in mankind is his principal driving force, both in his professional and private life.

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