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Susanne currently serves as a Senior Change Management Consultant, crisis mediator, and trilingual coach (French, English, German), bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to her roles.

Born in Frankfurt, Susanne completed her secondary and university education in Germany, where she earned an MSc in Theoretical Physics. Soon after, she ventured to the United States to further her education and obtained an MBA.

Upon returning to Europe, Susanne joined McKinsey Consulting in Munich, where she managed cases across Europe and the USA. She later transitioned to the Chargeurs Group in Paris, holding senior executive positions in multiple subsidiaries.

In the 90s, Susanne founded a start-up, successfully leading it to acquisition by the world's third-largest group at the time, just five years later.

With a keen interest in human relations, Susanne utilizes her considerable experience and talents to support large organizations during mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring processes. She expertly navigates change management, ensuring a smooth transition for all involved.

Susanne has a unique ability to quickly identify and address dysfunctions resulting from cultural misunderstandings, effectively neutralizing potential resistance, which often leads to obstructions and conflicts.

Possessing a remarkable capacity for maintaining a comprehensive view of complex situations, Susanne remains attentive to detail and readily embraces innovative thinking. She consistently thinks outside the box, developing groundbreaking solutions to tackle the challenges she encounters.

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