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Susanne is today a Senior Change Management Consultant, crisis mediator, and trilingual coach (French, English, German).

Born in Frankfurt, she completed her secondary and university studies in Germany where she obtained her MSc in Theoretical Physics. She promptly left for the United States to continue her studies and got her MBA.

Upon her return, she joined McKinsey Consulting in Munich, which led her to handle cases in Europe and the USA. Later, she integrated the Chargeurs Group in Paris where she held senior executive positions in several subsidiaries.

Founder of a start-up in the 90s, she sold it five years later to the world’s then third-largest group.

Deeply interested in human relations, she puts her talent and considerable experience to benefit big organisations, in cases of mergers and acquisitions and is engaged in restructuring while steering the change management.

Quick to identify dysfunctions resulting from cultural misunderstandings, she efficiently neutralises these to prevent further resistance, a frequent source of obstruction and conflict.

With a great ability to keep an eye on the big picture, she remains attentive to detail and does not hesitate to think outside the box when developing innovative solutions.

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